The challenges of Hair Transplantation by hair shape and hair color

by Centre Hair Clinick / August 10, 2020
The challenges of Hair Transplantation by hair shape and hair color

During hair transplantation the patient's hair color and hair style must be thought of before beginning.

Straight Hair: Hair grafts collection and implantation is much easier than the other hair models. The process is much faster and it is easier to achieve very natural results.

Curly hair: Although it is the most difficult hair shape for the team to collect the grafts, more beautiful results are obtained in terms of elegance, naturalness and aesthetics visually. Curly hair roots will give a dense and more natural appearance in the area where they are implanted.

White hair: Distinguishing grafts requires more effort and special effort. It is the most accurate technique to work with microscoped lobes in the implanting of white hair. Despite the challenge, the results are extremely natural.

Yellow and light-toned hair: Roots taken from the nape of the head during the hair transplant and it is partially easier to remove than other hair. The hair is natural in appearance.

Dark hair: It is a hair type that is difficult for doctors and assistant health workers, it requires special effort and is more difficult to separate grafts. Extremely natural and plump hair will appear with a high level of sensitivity to be shown during implanting.