Are There Any Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation?

by Centre Hair Clinick / August 10, 2020
Are There Any Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation for aesthetic purposes is micro-surgical operations and as with any operation, the priority here is the health of the person. Even in the smallest operations, there are some risks of complications. There are also side effects that can occur in hair transplantation operations, or very very rare risks.

The risks of hair transplantation after the operation are quite low compared to other aesthetic operations. However, to avoid the negative issues that may arise, be sure to question the following two issues:

  1. Hair transplantation must be performed by medical doctors.
  2. The operation should be performed in health institutions approved by the Ministry of Health. To find out about this, please ask for the Certificate of Conformity issued by the Ministry of health of the center you will perform your hair transplant in.